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North Dakota Nurturing Parenting Programs

Nurturing Parenting Programs are family-based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life and develop healthier, stronger relationships.  Parents and children attend together so that all family members can benefit from participation.  Nurturing Parenting classes are sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Human Services - Children and Family Services Division and are offered at NO COST to families at ten locations throughout North Dakota.

Families participating in Nurturing Parenting classes will work to accomplish the following goals:

mom and daughterINCREASE:

• Self-worth
• Family bonding
• Trust
• Open communication
• Problem-solving skills
• Empathy
• Personal power in children

• Unwanted behaviors
• Negative attitudes
• Risk of alcohol and drug use
• Stress
• Anger
• Violence

The following two programs are currently offered in North Dakota.  Click here for details and locations.

  • Nurturing Parenting Programs FOR PARENTS WITH CHILDREN AGES 0-5 YEARS
  • Nurturing Parenting Programs FOR PARENTS WITH CHILDREN AGES 5-12 YEARS



Nurturing Parenting Programs were created by Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D, a recognized leader in the fields of parenting education and child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention.  For more information visit

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